Hopeful but cautious

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Hopeful but cautious


Flore Vandenhoucke & Lise Jaques hope to win the Portuguese International and to qualify for the European Games in Minsk! (Photo: BadmintonPhoto)


Hopeful but cautious


3/6/2019 6:32 PM

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Mireille van Daal

The 54th edition of the Portuguese International Champions will start tomorrow in the famous High Performance Centre of Caldas da Reinha. Badminton Europe looked forward to this tournament with Flore Vandenhoucke (Belgium), who is first seeded in women’s doubles with Lise Jaques.

— As first seeded there is always this extra pressure to perform well. We sure hope to fulfill our seeding as we already reached the semi-finals last year!

Vandenoucke and Jaques have a bye in first round and will play against the winners of the match between Julie Finne-Ipsen (Denmark)/Clara Nistad (Sweden) and Eva Janssens/Kilasu Ostermeyer (Germany).

— We expect to play against Finne-Ipsen and Nistad, which will be a very tough one. That is why we try not to expect too much and look at this tournament match by match. 

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From Portugal to Minsk  

After the Portugese International Vandenhoucke and Jaques have a full program planned for this year’s ultimate goal.

— We want to qualify for the European Games in Minsk this June. That is our main goal for this season.

— We have two last matches to play in the French league. Then we will start with our big training block to prepare us for the European Games!

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