Notable changes from last week

Молоді українські бадмінтоністи беруть участь у міжнародному турнірі в Ізраїлі
5 медалей завоювали юні українські бадмінтоністи на турнірі в Ізраїлі

Notable changes from last week


Anastasia Shapovalova (Credit : Badminton Photo)


Notable changes from last week


3/14/2019 12:46 PM

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Despoina Anastasiadou-Galva

With the last update on 11th March, the BEC Junior Circuit Ranking has featured a few significant changes since last week.

The action continues while crossing the 11th week of the year and some important tournaments have already completed throughout the 2019, modifying also the BEC Junior Ranking. 

The European participations in the last event, the German Junior which took place in Berlin, Germany from 7-10 March, brought some adjustments in the BEC Junior ranking. 

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Big changes on the top of the BEC Junior Ranking in Singles

In the Men’s Singles, Christo Popov from France is currently number one in the BEC Junior Ranking. The Frenchman Popov has been in excellent form and managed to reach the last 16 in the Yonex German Junior 2019. However, he was beated by the the Chinese Li Yunze with a score of 21-18, 21-17. 

The Spaniard Tomas Toledano, who was leading the BEC Junior ranking for the previous two weeks, is currently in the second place. 

In the category of the Women’s Singles, Anastasiia Shapovalova from Russia climbed up one seed and went right to the top. The Russian player passed Vivien Sandorhazi from Hungary who was leading the BEC Junior Ranking the previous week.

Shapovalova reached the Quarterfinals in the Yonex German Junior 2019 and faced Sophia Grundvtig from Denmark, winning with 21-19, 21-15. Whereas, Sophia Grundvtig is currently number two in the BEC Junior Ranking.
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