Unexpected number one.

Українські бадмінтоністки виступлять на Гран Прі Європи у Данії після навчання у тренувальному таборі у Копенгагені

Unexpected number one.


Milena Scnider (left) and Dounia Pelupessy (right) are the number one pair in women’s doubles on the BEC junior ranking (Photo: Swiss Badminton)


Unexpected number one.


5/9/2019 3:35 PM

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Mireille van Daal

On the most recent European junior circuit ranking, multiple players are dominating in more events. Abbygael Harris (England) and Thomas Toledano (Spain) are examples of players who are doing well in multiple events and are also trying to find their way in the Elite circuit. However, on the women’s doubles ranking the number one pair is very steady on their position: Dounia Pelupessy and Milena Schnider from Switzerland.

— It was a coincidence that I partnered up with Milena. Pelupessy stated to Badminton Europe.

— My previous partner did not want to play doubles with me anymore. Then I had decide what to do next: while my main focus is singles, I still wanted to play doubles as well.

-The initial thought was that I would play some tournaments with Amy Tan (The Netherlands). However, our Swiss junior coach preferred a Swiss pair-up for me. And that is how Milena came around the corner.

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Increasing chemistry

Their partnership might have been unplanned, their results definitely seem otherwise. And despite the fact that it is uncertain if they will play together in the future, Pelupessy cherishes every moment of it.

— Milena and I are getting along very well. For me, that is very important to play a double.

— Our game has felt good since the first tournament we played together. Actually it is going better with every tournament, resulting in winning the Croatian Junior and reaching the quarter final of the Croatian international.

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From junior to elite

My main short term goal are the European Junior Championships in 2020 for the singles. Unfortunately I cannot play with Milena at that tournament, as she is not a junior anymore by that time.

This means Pelupessy has to focus on our own development, with our without Schnider. The future of their partnership depends on their development and the decision of the Swiss coaches. In the meantime, Pelupessy triesto give her everything and also have fun during practice and matches.

— If I give my everything, then I can be satisfied. Results and ranking will follow. This is what my father (Old player Pierre Pelupessy, red) , who is also my trainer, taught me. For now I will also play some elite tournaments to prepare for the elite circuit.

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