Polikarpova aims to repeat double title win on homesoil
Конкурс на кращу ідею логотипу Чемпіонату Європи з бадмінтону 2020 у Києві

The double double for Israel


Polikarpova winning her home tournament may become a regular feature (Photo: Badminton Photo)


The double double for Israel


10/26/2019 9:08 PM

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Alan Raftery

The Hatzor International came to an end today in Israel with home fans having a lot to cheer about. Their star Ksenia Polikarpova managed to win back-to-back double titles for Israel in the women’s singles and women’s doubles. 

Polikarpova cruised her way to another singles title without dropping a game. In the doubles, with her partner Heli Neiman, whom she beat in the singles, it was much the same. Perhaps many more titles will be coming their way. 

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Another double
In almost perfect symmetry, Germany’s Felix Hammes had a great tournament and also won the double in men’s singles and men’s doubles. Like Polikarpova, he too had to defeat his doubles partner, Christopher Klauer, in the singles, but their showdown was the final.
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