Kateřina Tomalová: I had something to focus on

У Києві стартує RSL Чемпіонат з України з бадмінтону U-19 2020”
Перший фестиваль з ейр-бадмінтону та падел тенісу пройшов у Києві

Kateřina Tomalová: I had something to focus on


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Kateřina Tomalová: I had something to focus on


9/29/2020 9:46 AM

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Emilie Sommer (BEC)

The Bulgarian International Championships 2020 will go ahead this weekend and some players are really looking forward to it as it will be the first tournament in many months. 

This will certainly be the case for Kateřina Tomalová, the Czech women’s singles player, as it will be the first time for her to walk on court at a tournament for seven months when she goes to Sofia, Bulgaria. 

— I’m really looking forward to playing a tournament after seven months! It’s a bit strange and there are still a lot of unknown/uncertain things and last minutes changes regarding international travelling (flights cancellations, different rules in countries, etc.), but I hope everything goes well. However, we players have to be ready for everything these days. 

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Back on the international court

With no tournaments for seven months, there has been plenty of time to get rid of small injuries, spend more time in the gym or focusi on improving certain skills. Now after all those months it is time to show how Tomalová has improved over the last half a year, but what are her expectations for the tournament?

— I’m looking forward to playing some matches finally and see where I am in my development, if I can incorporate all the new thing I’ve been working on into my game during the tournament. 

— As I said, this tournament is for me more about seeing where I am right now, and it also has been a big motivation for me in the training- I had something to focus on and prepare for. 

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