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Badminton Europe про COVID-19

Badminton Europe statement on COVID-19

Badminton Europe is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely, and the preparations for the 2020 European Championships continue.

The 2020 European Championships in Kyiv, Ukraine from 21-26 April 2020 will go ahead as planned.

Badminton Europe and the host of the European Championships, the Ukrainian Badminton Federation, are in contact with the local authorities and enhanced precautionary measures will be in place to ensure the welfare and safety of players, their entourage and officials.

The Ukrainian government Wednesday announced that all public sport events will take place without spectators until 3 April 2020. With one person tested positive for Coronavirus in Ukraine, Badminton Europe and the Ukrainian Badminton Federation is still positive that spectators can attend the 2020 European Championships six weeks from today’s date.

The different options for the event will be considered if necessary. This includes the likelihood of the tournament being staged without spectators.

For all other Badminton Europe activities there is no change at this time.

Updates will be published on all Badminton Europe platforms in due time.