Circuit Tour Comes to Russia

Russians Excel in Gatchina
Adam Mendrek wins dramatic final

Circuit Tour Comes to Russia



Circuit Tour Comes to Russia


6/30/2015 3:26 PM

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Tania Teoh

The National Badminton Federation of Russia in cooperation with the Badminton Federation of Leningrad region is organizing ´White Nights 2015´ in Gatchina from 1-5 July 2015 in Sporthall Arena.

Gatchina is a town situated in the Leningrad region. This is the ninth year that Gatchina welcomes a European Circuit. The ´White Nights 2015´ International Challenge has attracted 202 players from 32 countries. The USD 150,000 International Challenge attracted players from Asia, Europe and Pan America. 

The tournament will begin with an Opening Ceremony and players will be welcomed by the Vice Governor of Leningrad, Head of Gatchina. Lucky draws are also available for the spectators during the final day.

The town of Gatchina and the Badminton Federation of Leningrad look forward to welcome all the badminton lovers to the ´White Nights 2015´.

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