Niks Podosinoviks’ home tournament

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Niks Podosinoviks’ home tournament


COE player Niks Podosinoviks is happy to play in home country (Photo: Mark Phelan)


Niks Podosinoviks’ home tournament


5/30/2018 11:41 PM

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Mireille van Daal

In a few moments the Latvian international 2018 will start Jelgava. Latvian COE-player Niks Podosinoviks has high hopes for this tournament!

— It is always a pleasure to play in my home country!

— Jelgava is a nice city and the tournament is well organised. I hope that players will appreciate and enjoy that.

Podosinoviks will play his first match in the qualification rounds. He has a bye in the first round and will face the winner between Nikita Fedotovskikh (Russia) and Oleksandr Kolesnik (Ukraine)

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Big entry

The number of entries of the this year’s Latvian International is greater than last years. There are four qualification rounds of men’s singles!

— That is not going to be easy, but you never know what can happen, Podosinoviks commented to Badminton Europe

— So it is important to fight for it 100% all the time!

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